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This is the sort of crap I draw. I'm starting College soon, so I'll probably add stuff do there as well.


This is some of the things I like.



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Hey, to all my friends with Freelancer OCs, I got an idea for a story prompt. Here goes:

Your Freelancer is dead. The final curtain. Dead as a doornail, as the phrase goes. Or maybe not, maybe they're just done with the whole deal, fed up with the war or just plain unable to go on. Whatever the case, your Freelancer is done. Dead, quit, it doesn't matter. They ain't a fighter any more. That's it. The final curtain. But what happened?

Was it fighting against impossible odds? Holding the line so their comrades could live another day? Dead or injured beyond repair, leaving them either mentally or physically broken?

Or did they succumb to the inner demons? Break a code of honor or just plain break under the stresses and torment of war?

I know how my own Agent Pennsylvania would go out, but if you could choose a way for your own to leave, what would it be?

Not necessarily personal canon, of course. This doesn't have to be how they go out "for real" if you ever do want to nail that door shut on their story.

Oh EEEEE, responses!

"Till Death Do Us Part" by :iconxephiliomia:

"Someday I'll Go Where There Ain't No Rain Or Snow" by :iconaurorablix:

AAAND another!
"Alaskan Sunset" by :iconfallen-warrior1023:
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To get an image out of my head!

"So you use that as a measure to unsee stuff?"

No, to bring it into the world.

In some cases it's that an idea for a really dynamic or exciting scene comes to me from gaming or movies or whatever and I put it to paper so that by drawing it I can experience the excitement, tension, or whatever emotion that the picture contains. This submission of mine was done for that reason; I could've just looked at the scene pictured in my head far more accurately, with a full environment around it and a much larger scene to see, but in drawing it out I actually felt some of the excitement of the battle as my pencil went across the paper.

Other times, it's more to express or articulate an emotional intensity that I can't otherwise express and thus get out of my system. My Red vs Blue OC Jaimeson was concieved wholesale as a receptacle for my temper and everything I fear about it. To quote part of the Journal entry that I first announced him on here in: "...Unlike my other two (or perhaps only to a further extent) Jaimeson is more a part of myself, a projection of a certain facet of my personality: essentially, he *is* my temper, my explosive anger, and my fear of what I might do the next time my fury breaks loose of its constraints...." See, one day about a year ago I was really pissed off about something, but it hit just the right degree that I was mad enough to need to do something about it, but not so much that I was just left with a blind fury to take out on a tree (trust me, it works). So I sat down in the small grove of trees on my campus, opened my sketchbook, and began to just write about who this side of me was that I tried so hard to hide from everyone, and how that aspect of my self would be personified in the world of Red vs Blue (since I had recently created two characters in it already). And you know what, it really helped.


That was my original answer to the question in the title when it was asked by another Deviant in a poll, and the reply to another Deviant's comment on my original response. It really helped me to analyze and wordify a bit about myself, and I thought I might wanna post that. Mostly so that I have it recorded, because, well why not? I find it helps to have self-reflection recorded somewhere anyway.

But anyways, thoughts people?
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Billy Burgess
United States
Hey to all deviants of all shapes, sizes, and ages! I'm entering College-freshman year as an art sutdent in Pennsylvania. Once I start, I'll probably post some of my stuff on here, if it's good enough for the global community to gawk at it.
Here's my
>fav wiki:…
>NG profile:
Also, just for the sake of truth, the birthday this site lists is complete crap.
(these are for my use)
School blog:…
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Best. Euphenism. Ever.…
Halo: Reach how it's made:……

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